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Grab more great views than you can imagine in just one day tour to Kazbegi, touch the spirit of Georgian mountains, feel the gentle caress of breeze
falling down from the heights of Caucasioni.

+ FREE wine, FREE wifi, Friendly guide, Professional driver

Stops: Ananuri, Arch of friendship, Gergeti, Stepantsminda, monastery of Saint Trinity

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Built in 14th century Ananuri fortress is located in a picturesque place with marvelous views over the lake Zinvali.

Arch of friendship
Second stop of the tour will be the Arch of friendship. This monument is located almost on the top of the Jvari pass and from here you will really feel the majesty of the Greater Caucasus Range.

Then we will head to the mount Gergeti (2200 meters). Last stop of the tour will be Saint Trinity monastery, located above the village of Stepanisminda. From there opens an astonishing view of the snowy mountain peaks.

The pure energy of virginal nature which is possible to sense on the height of Gergeti is something that words cannot fully describe. The beauty and greatness of this mountainous area has no analogue in the world!


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