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Private walking tour of Tbilisi

We invite you to our private walking tour of Old Tbilisi where you will discover plenty of great spots and hear many interesting stories about past, present and future of Tbilisi and Georgia!

Spots: Freedom Square, Old City Wall, Theatre tower, Peace bridge, Europe Park, Narikala Fortress (optional), statue Mother of Georgia, Historical Baths, Waterfall Leghvtakhevi and much much more

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Traditionally we start from Freedom square, passing Dadiani street you will find yourself in the Old city on Kote Afkhazi st., than we will walk you throw some narrow streets that are looking as old as they are. Here you can feel the soul of ancient inhabitants of Tbilisi.

A few more moments and you appear in fairy tale near Theatre Tower. In right moment you will have an opportunity to see the performance of puppets. After we walk to Peace Bridge to See some buildings with interesting architecture!

From Peace bridge we reach to the ropeway, take a cab and go up to Narikala fortress which is older then Tbilisi. From there we will have an astonishing view to the city, then walk down to the waterfall hidden behind the castle.

Our last stop is the Bath neighborhood which is close to the waterfall.


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Tbilisi Full Day Tour

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